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  Basis of how their snow boots without damaging the image of the market leader, will UGG snow boots series extends to outside the fashion brand, expand the product line, while, at the cottage products flooding the market with fake brand image for the seating arrangement? UGG facing daunting reconstruction project. UGG what to sell in the summer? When in 1995, the United States Deckers Outdoor Corporation (Deckers Outdoor) founder and former CEO Doug • Otto (Doug Otto) to $ 14.6 million acquisition of UGG Australia (hereinafter referred to as UGG), the company board and management had proposed had this concern. Because in their view, then too single UGG product line alone, people will wear snow boots in winter, it is difficult "capture country." Today, nearly 20 years later, UGG has become a popular global fashion brand, and for the most significant contribution Dexter company's sales.

But the huge success of its brand extension settings connotation obstacles - too distinctive product features that many customers would UGG sandals brand launched the first feeling is surprised. UGG facing the biggest challenge, on the basis of their snow boots market does not damage the image of the leader, will UGG snow boots series extends to outside the fashion brand, broaden the product line. In addition, the Chinese market too much cottage products on Taobao, even Beijing Zoo wholesale market, the low price of cottage UGG everywhere. Therefore, UGG in the Chinese market is also facing another challenge - for the brand image of the seating arrangement, maintaining its authenticity. "This requires us to do a lot of work at the consumer level education", Orris Wu Dexter China Marketing Director, said: "On the one hand, UGG needs through market education, raise awareness of their products and brands to extend; on the other hand also need to maintain the purity of its brand, the brand of cottage products to reduce those injuries."

Not just snow boots In fact, UGG has long been recognized that a single product line may bring disadvantages. So, several years ago, UGG began in solid original brand influence, based on the brand extension to proceed. Specifically, include: the development of products other than snow boots, UGG brand such as leather jackets, handbags, hand blankets, pillows, etc., in order to broaden the product line; combined with the development trends of spring and summer products, such as the Roman style sandals, people sandals, by the limitations of a breakthrough season, the whole product line layout; and Jimmy Choo brands to develop design new style boots, through cooperation with these tonal match for well-known brands to stabilize the brand image; to promote consumer association,

also developed men's and children's products; every year from the style, the color of their classic snow boots to be adjusted to maintain the charm of the core product in such a way to bring added value to other products; all the flagship store in the world, are located in upscale shopping center, to maintain its "light luxury" positioning; before 2000, gave up all discount channels, maintaining its high-end image; even product innovation, but also continue its "comfortable" lineage, such as women's sandals slope with more choice; the most important thing is to highlight the "snow boots culture", even though no one to buy in the summer, within the UGG store displays will be at the core of snow boots. "Only when we have a good product, in order to have a good market, summer marketing, we must first ensure that the summer has a rich product line; secondly, snow boots itself has a 'comfort' is a characteristic highly malleable we must give the consumer through the product itself unique experience.

"Orris Wu added. Similar situation with UGG there is another brand - with plastic "hole shoes" Crocs brand known for once in the world set off a "hole shoes" of the wind, in 2008, with several large mergers and acquisitions completion, Crocs all of a sudden increase in production, while, the "hole shoes" in the world become street shoes.


Because he was no longer wearing the discovery hole shoes and distinctive, consumers gradually lost interest in it, which makes up Crocs suffered a loss of $ 185.1 million for the first time in 2008, the company had to lay off 2,000 people to spend crisis. After, Crocs began to develop sportswear, sunglasses and high heels as their new product lines. Today, enter any one Crocs stores, "hole shoes" are not placed most products, including plastic sandals, canvas shoes, leather shoes, boots and so on. A full two weeks earlier than normal winter, suggesting winter this year in Hangzhou will be extraordinarily long, stylish girls both "grace", but also "temperature", this time, a classic UGG boots seem very necessary. Simple style atmosphere, delicate texture soft, easy and comfortable to wear on their feet, whether with skirt or pants will make you warm to the heart. Because fur design, UGG snow boots become the trend of MM manpower necessary Hangzhou winter fashion items.